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Health One Pass is a patent pending technology for organizing and integrating COVID-19 testing and vaccination certifications. Privacy is at the core of the HIPAA compliant tool set of Health One Pass. A global team of technologists created this platform to address the needs of businesses and communities following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Health One Pass technology and processes provide options for opening up safely while adhering to CDC and State guidelines for health and safety.


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Health One Pass

The Confidence to Move Forward

Whether you are a restaurant group, trade association, concert venue or retail outlet, we offer a solution to fit your needs.


Information about COVID-19 is constantly changing.

We adhere to CDC and other state and federal guidance on best practices for screening questions, and offer organizations the ability to adapt the questionnaire used with the Health One Pass tool set in response to guidance from federal, state and local jurisdictions and the advice of medical advisors.  Health One Pass is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other health institutions and governmental agencies.


Health One Pass™


Whether you are a school district or a small daycare center, merchant group or small business, our platform combines the power of the proven TEMPCOMPLY toolset with the easy to use, stress reducing and scalable Health One Pass platform to promote confidence and reduce risk for all stakeholders across your business landscape. Great for customers – no bluetooth tracking and free to setup.  Low monthly cost to organizations plus low cost per usage.

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Integrates Test Sites


Testing sites can push data for your Health One Pass just by providing them a phone number


Automates Tracing


AI Driven Protection for Your Employees and Customers Through Compliance to Your Organizations Protocols and a Purpose Built Secure Architecture


Integrates Life


Opening up society and monitoring testing, vaccination, and outbreaks is what we do for the world – Enjoy life!


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